About Us


dsc_2084Roger Sammel, Owner

A woodworker at heart, Roger opened Sammel Sign Company over ten years ago with the vision of making what people love. Over the past decade, Roger has helped hundreds of companies take their ideas and make them a reality. His expertise ranges from product and graphic design to shop fabrication and installation of a broad range of products and services, from store displays, product and packaging prototypes, and of course signs! He ensures creativity and innovation while maintaining the consistency of the finished product. Roger is an active member of the small business community in Vermont and can often be found helping people with their business ideas.

dsc_2105TedShop Extraordinaire





dsc_2091Austin, Master of Digital Print & Design

At Sammel Sign we take pride in achieving consistency when working with your brand. Austin is the brains behind the color, digital print production and graphic design. He brings his studies in graphic communication and three years of digital print manufacturing to the company. On the weekends, Austin can be found juggling downtown in Burlington, VT entertaining pedestrians with his lifelong hobby.


dsc_2081Lissy, Project Manager 

vermonter | graphic designer | loves knitting, reading & snuggling with puppy Kevin Malone.




dog silhoette

Bailey, Protector of All

Bailey takes pride in defending her shop …. unless you come bearing treats.